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T10 fully automatic production line will create income generation for Mexican client
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These days, our technicians already arrived in Mexico, and start to install machinery once they arrive.

This Mexican client who brought T10 fully automatic production line engages local concrete products business. And he has more than 20 years of operating history. With the development of Mexican urbanization and occurring problem for construction, this family enterprise is interested in investing block making industry. Since 2014 the son of this client began to investigate this business , know this business ,and contact with powerful block machine suppliers all around the world, and do the full-scale contrast for many kinds of brands.


The client asked our sales manager about technical questions of our equipment on the Mexican Concrete Show. Under the deep discussion and based on considering about some factors including capacity, client’s budget, land, worker price etc , our sales manager specially designed T10 fully automatic production line for our client according to client’s actual condition. Through more than one year discussion and drawing confirmation, finally signed the contract. The client firmly believes that T10 fully automatic production line with German technology will bring high profit for him.